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  1. Matt

    Announcement PHP8 Available on Shared Hosting

    Hi All, As of today, PHP8 is now available to select on the shared hosting servers. You can choose this version via cPanel: MultiPHP Manager The "default" version is still PHP7.2, even though this is now depreciated, but I'm running HardenedPHP on the servers, which has security fixes...
  2. Matt

    Announcement Imunify360 Testing

    In order to continue to improve the services I offer, and provide additional layer of security to your sites, I'm testing Imunify360 on CP2 This provides several additional layers of security: If this goes well over the next 30 days, I will be rolling...
  3. Matt

    Announcement PHP7.4 Available

    Hi All, PHP7.4 is now available on the shared hosting servers. You need to ensure your site is capable of running this version (such as the latest version of XenForo / Worpdress), however, you can easy choose this now from within cPanel and the MultiPHP Manager
  4. Matt

    Announcement New Backup System

    As my services have expanded over the last 12 months, I'm at the point where the current backup server is running out of space. I've just ordered a new server, which has 4x10TB drives in RAID10, so will provide 20TB of storage for backups. Hardware data: CPU1: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1271...
  5. Matt

    Announcement Firewall IP Address Unblocking

    I've added a new module to the billing software, that will allow people to check for, and unblock their own IP address. Go to Support --> IP Address Unblock. It will automatically populate your current IP address, and then check for it (and remove the block if it finds it). This checks all...
  6. Matt

    Update Status Page The above status page shows the availability of the shared hosting servers and DNS servers.
  7. Matt

    Announcement Further Improvements to the shared hosting platform.

    For the past 18 months, I've been routing all outbound email from the shared hosting servers via Sendgrid, and their SMTP relay service. This has enabled the old IP's to remain clean, and prevent them from being black listed by the RBL lists. I've just signed up for a new service, provided by...
  8. Matt

    Update XF2 on the Shared Hosting Servers

    As Memcached is available on the shared hosting servers, when you upgrade to XF2, if you want to use Memcached as the cache back end, you will need to add the below into the config.php file $config['cache']['enabled'] = true; $config['cache']['sessions'] = true; $config['cache']['namespace'] =...
  9. Matt

    Shared Hosting Campbells Flowers

    This is a site that was almost 2 years in the making. I came on board to assist in cleaning up and finishing off after the previous designer left the company. The site was moved to my shared hosting, and we finished off the design, including setting up and customizing the gallery from an...
  10. Matt

    Update QUIC Enabled on Shared Hosting

    For anyone using HTTPS on the shared hosting platform, QUIC is now enabled and available. QUIC - Wikipedia LiteSpeed Announces QUIC Support You don't need to do anything, as it's enabled by default for anyone with HTTPS running.
  11. Matt

    Update Litespeed Update

    There is a new update available for Litespeed, to update to version 5.2 I've not upgraded on the shared hosting servers yet, as I'm waiting for a couple of stable versions to be released prior to rolling it out here. LiteSpeed - LiteSpeed Web Server I'll post an update before I update on here.
  12. Matt

    Update MariaDB 10.1

    All shared hosting servers have been upgraded to MariaDB 10.1 this morning Currently running supported MySQL version 10.1.19-MariaDB
  13. Matt

    Announcement cPanel Licence Move

    I'm in the process of moving the licence provider for cPanel on this server. It's currently processing, and I've had to cancel the existing licence. This won't affect the running of any sites on the server, but might cause intermittent issue access the cPanel interface for your accounts...
  14. Matt

    Update Anti-DDOS Update

    Yesterday, there was a DDOS on one of the sites hosted on between 13:45 UTC and 13:47 UTC. This caused MySQL to lock up, as the dynamic content was going to MySQL, and used up all 300 available connections. As a future preventative measure, I've implemented IP address...
  15. Matt / Blocking Email

    If you get a bounce notification from hotmail /, you can request your domain and the server IP be allowed on their whitelist Complete the form, with all the required details (you will see the information...
  16. Matt

    Update Backups

    I've set up my own dedicated backup server, which is now backing up the shared hosting servers twice a day. 00:00 and 12:00 This is storing incremental differences between the backups. I'm also storing 7 days, 4 week, and 3 months, so if you need to backup a file or files, please let me know...
  17. Matt

    Configure Outlook With Shared Hosting

    Matt submitted a new Article: Configure Outlook With Shared Hosting Read more about this article here...
  18. Matt

    Nameserver Details

    For people using my shared hosting, you can use (London, England, UK) (London, England, UK) (Los Angeles, USA) (New York, USA)
  19. Matt

    Shared Hosting

    This is a site I've been helping administer since 2006. Earlier this year, I converted it from phpBB3 to XenForo, and it's currently hosted on my cPanel shared hosting platform ( It's currently in the...
  20. Kevin

    Wood Barter is Happy to Have Matt's Services

    This is an unsolicited testimonial to let prospective clients know how happy I am to have found Matt. I was needing some server-side work done on my forum (I always do!) and although I am the site owner and admin, my skills are yet rather undeveloped. I really needed someone I can rely on to...