1. Matt


    Well it's the 3rd, and 4 open bugs in the do you think we will see 7.0 GA today?
  2. M

    nginx [nginx-announce] nginx-1.9.6 (no replies)

    Changes with nginx 1.9.6 27 Oct 2015 *) Bugfix: a segmentation fault might occur in a worker process when using HTTP/2. Thanks to Piotr Sikora and Denis Andzakovic. *) Bugfix: the $server_protocol variable was empty when using HTTP/2. *) Bugfix: backend SSL connections in the stream module...
  3. Matt

    Elasticsearch 1.7 Out

    Elasticsearch 1.7.0 | Elastic Just upgraded my versions to it.
  4. M

    nginx [nginx-announce] nginx-1.9.3 (no replies)

    Changes with nginx 1.9.3 14 Jul 2015 *) Change: duplicate "http", "mail", and "stream" blocks are now disallowed. *) Feature: connection limiting in the stream module. *) Feature: data rate limiting in the stream module. *) Bugfix: the "zone" directive inside the "upstream" block did not...
  5. N

    PHP PHP 5.4.43 Released

    Stanislav Malyshev Continue reading...
  6. N

    PHP PHP 5.6.10 is available

    Ferenc Kovacs Continue reading...