1. Matt

    nginx 1.17.3 I've kicked off the updates for all my managed customers who are using centminmod to upgrade nginx to 1.17.3
  2. Matt

    Dedicated Server This is hosted on a Dedicated Server provided and fully managed by me. Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1270 v6 @ 3.80GHz 32GB DDR4 ECC 2x512GB PM961 NVMe Raid1 Heavily optimised nginx / php-fpm / MariaDB setup with centminmod. The site is very image heavy, and has done 4.5TB of...
  3. Matt

    Update Elasticsearch Cluster

    I've made some more changes on the ES Cluster. I've added another node into the cluster, and configured nginx to act as a reverse proxy for the connections, load balancing across the 3 nodes. I've also configured a secondary nginx VPS to act as a failover to the primary nginx VPS, should that...
  4. Matt

    Update HTTPS Security Headers

    I've been doing some work on the security headers for HTTPS with nginx, so if something doesn't work quite as expected on the site, please let me know in here.
  5. Matt

    Update Server Architecture Updates

    I've been working on the servers hosting the forum this evening, after attempting to perform an in-line upgrade to MariaDB10.1 I've now split the site over 2 Linodes (1GB RAM), rather than the single 2GB Linode I was previously running. The first is running the web front end (nginx with...
  6. M

    nginx [nginx-announce] nginx-1.9.6 (no replies)

    Changes with nginx 1.9.6 27 Oct 2015 *) Bugfix: a segmentation fault might occur in a worker process when using HTTP/2. Thanks to Piotr Sikora and Denis Andzakovic. *) Bugfix: the $server_protocol variable was empty when using HTTP/2. *) Bugfix: backend SSL connections in the stream module...
  7. Matt

    Update Pagespeed

    I've been playing with Pagespeed, and have it up and running on here now. Taking guidance from eva2000 's config on Centmin Mod Community , everything appears to be working correctly with no obvious issues (y)
  8. M

    nginx [nginx-announce] nginx-1.9.3 (no replies)

    Changes with nginx 1.9.3 14 Jul 2015 *) Change: duplicate "http", "mail", and "stream" blocks are now disallowed. *) Feature: connection limiting in the stream module. *) Feature: data rate limiting in the stream module. *) Bugfix: the "zone" directive inside the "upstream" block did not...
  9. M

    nginx [nginx-announce] nginx-1.9.2 (no replies)

    Changes with nginx 1.9.2 16 Jun 2015 *) Feature: the "backlog" parameter of the "listen" directives of the mail proxy and stream modules. *) Feature: the "allow" and "deny" directives in the stream module. *) Feature: the "proxy_bind" directive in the stream module. *) Feature: the...
  10. M

    nginx [nginx-announce] nginx-1.7.12 (no replies)

    Changes with nginx 1.7.12 07 Apr 2015 *) Feature: now the "tcp_nodelay" directive works with backend SSL connections. *) Feature: now thread pools can be used to read cache file headers. *) Bugfix: in the "proxy_request_buffering" directive. *) Bugfix: a segmentation fault might occur in a...
  11. Matt

    CentOS Nginx Build 2017

    Starting with a clean CentOS 7 setup, I will install and configure nginx using Centminmod. Nginx setup Using the latest 1.17.X release PHP setup PHP 5.3.29 for vBulletin Support PHP 7.1.X PHP 7.2.X PHP 7.3.X MariaDB installation Tune my.cnf based on server specification Memcache / Memcached...