1. Matt VPS Build

    I've been having a test of running AlmaLinux and Litespeed for my own site here: As it's running on a 2GB RAM VPS, the Litespeed licence is free. So rather than running the standard CentOS7 / nginx / php-fpm / MariaDB 10.3, I'm now running on the following: AlmaLinux 8.4 MariaDB 10.5...
  2. Matt

    Dedicated Server This is hosted on a Dedicated Server provided and fully managed by me. Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1270 v6 @ 3.80GHz 32GB DDR4 ECC 2x512GB PM961 NVMe Raid1 Heavily optimised nginx / php-fpm / MariaDB setup with centminmod. The site is very image heavy, and has done 4.5TB of...
  3. Matt

    Update MariaDB 10.1

    All shared hosting servers have been upgraded to MariaDB 10.1 this morning Currently running supported MySQL version 10.1.19-MariaDB
  4. Matt

    Update Server Architecture Updates

    I've been working on the servers hosting the forum this evening, after attempting to perform an in-line upgrade to MariaDB10.1 I've now split the site over 2 Linodes (1GB RAM), rather than the single 2GB Linode I was previously running. The first is running the web front end (nginx with...
  5. R

    MariaDB MariaDB 10.1 is stable GA

    With the release of 10.1.8, MariaDB takes a next step. MariaDB 10.1 is now considered a stable release. MariaDB 10.1 has a couple of main themes: Security High Availability Scalability During the last few years there have been many request for more security features in MariaDB. Actually...
  6. D

    MariaDB MariaDB Galera Cluster 5.5.44 and 10.0.20 now available

    The MariaDB project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB Galera Cluster 10.0.20 and MariaDB Galera Cluster 5.5.44. These are Stable (GA) releases. Download MariaDB Galera Cluster 10.0.20 Release Notes Changelog What is MariaDB Galera Cluster? Download MariaDB Galera...