1. Matt VPS Build

    I've been having a test of running AlmaLinux and Litespeed for my own site here: As it's running on a 2GB RAM VPS, the Litespeed licence is free. So rather than running the standard CentOS7 / nginx / php-fpm / MariaDB 10.3, I'm now running on the following: AlmaLinux 8.4 MariaDB 10.5...
  2. Matt

    Update TLS1.3 and QUIC

    Litespeed have released a new version yesterday, which updates the QUIC spec to 43 that the latest Chrome builds support again. So any sites running via HTTPS from will now work via QUIC on Chrome. The update also bring in support for TLS1.3 I've tested one of the...
  3. Matt

    Update QUIC Enabled on Shared Hosting

    For anyone using HTTPS on the shared hosting platform, QUIC is now enabled and available. QUIC - Wikipedia LiteSpeed Announces QUIC Support You don't need to do anything, as it's enabled by default for anyone with HTTPS running.
  4. Matt

    Update Litespeed Update

    There is a new update available for Litespeed, to update to version 5.2 I've not upgraded on the shared hosting servers yet, as I'm waiting for a couple of stable versions to be released prior to rolling it out here. LiteSpeed - LiteSpeed Web Server I'll post an update before I update on here.
  5. Matt

    Security ATTENTION: LiteSpeed Servers Being Attacked

    For my managed customers running Litespeed, I've already upgraded your Litespeed to the new release.
  6. Matt

    cPanel EasyApache4 with Litespeed

    Currently testing :) Works just as before, but with the additional support for multiple PHP via the Apache build. Only issue with multiple PHP versions is you can only run 1 of them in DSO mode, the rest need to be ran in CGI or equivalent.
  7. L

    Litespeed LSWS 4.2.24 and 5.0.2 Released to address OpenSSL secuirty vulnerability

    LiteSpeed Web Server 4.2.24 and 5.0.2 have just been released! Both versions have updated OpenSSL to address CVE-2015-1793. All LSWS users are recommended to upgrade ASAP. New release also improved mod_security engin to work better with OWASP core rule set and improved compatibility with Plesk...