1. Matt

    cPanel EasyApache4 with Litespeed

    Currently testing :) Works just as before, but with the additional support for multiple PHP via the Apache build. Only issue with multiple PHP versions is you can only run 1 of them in DSO mode, the rest need to be ran in CGI or equivalent.
  2. L

    Litespeed LSWS 4.2.24 and 5.0.2 Released to address OpenSSL secuirty vulnerability

    LiteSpeed Web Server 4.2.24 and 5.0.2 have just been released! Both versions have updated OpenSSL to address CVE-2015-1793. All LSWS users are recommended to upgrade ASAP. New release also improved mod_security engin to work better with OWASP core rule set and improved compatibility with Plesk...