1. Matt

    Linode VAT Price Increase

    Logged into my account the other day, and had a notice that they are going to be automatically applying VAT at your local VAT rate to upcoming invoices unless you have a VAT number. So I asked how this would be calculated, and it's applied to the bill, so all prices will be + VAT going forward...
  2. mike

    What to do for backups - Linode?

    Just got my forum moved over to Linode (thanks Matt !) Forum is running super fast, and all is well. I just thought about backups though, and the fact that nothing is backed up as far as I know. Linode offers a backup service, is this sufficient for my forum? Do I need something else? Never...
  3. Matt

    Linode KVM

    Anyone using the new KVM platform from Linode? I've just spun up a 2GB VPS to have a play about with CentOS7 (might as well start and learn it properly!)