1. Matt

    Shared Hosting

    This is a site I've been helping administer since 2006. Earlier this year, I converted it from phpBB3 to XenForo, and it's currently hosted on my cPanel shared hosting platform ( It's currently in the...
  2. Kevin

    Wood Barter is Happy to Have Matt's Services

    This is an unsolicited testimonial to let prospective clients know how happy I am to have found Matt. I was needing some server-side work done on my forum (I always do!) and although I am the site owner and admin, my skills are yet rather undeveloped. I really needed someone I can rely on to...
  3. Matt

    Shared Hosting

    This is my own personal site, that got me started with hosting and XenForo. I also run an OpenCart store on there. I've been running the site for 8 years, on various hosting packages, and server set-ups. The current set-up is as follows Host: SoYouStart Server Spec: E3-1225 V2...