1. Matt / Blocking Email

    If you get a bounce notification from hotmail /, you can request your domain and the server IP be allowed on their whitelist Complete the form, with all the required details (you will see the information...
  2. Matt

    Free Own Domain E-mail

    Thanks to eva2000 for pointing me in the direction of Zoho for their Free own domain name email hosting I've just migrated my e-mail to them, and so far, very impressive. Very easy to set up and get started with. For anyone who I'm...
  3. Matt

    Inbox by Gmail

    Got access to this today, and liking it so far! Anyone else used it yet?
  4. Matt

    Configure Outlook With Shared Hosting

    Matt submitted a new Article: Configure Outlook With Shared Hosting Read more about this article here...
  5. Matt

    Update Email Security

    I've had to enable a few extra option on the mail server this morning, after being on the receiving end of the brute force DDOS attack against a sites mail accounts You will need to ensure you are connecting to the server to receive your mails via the secure methods Secure SSL/TLS Settings...