1. Matt

    mattwservices.co.uk VPS Build

    I've been having a test of running AlmaLinux and Litespeed for my own site here: As it's running on a 2GB RAM VPS, the Litespeed licence is free. So rather than running the standard CentOS7 / nginx / php-fpm / MariaDB 10.3, I'm now running on the following: AlmaLinux 8.4 MariaDB 10.5...
  2. Matt

    Update Elasticsearch Cluster

    I've made some more changes on the ES Cluster. I've added another node into the cluster, and configured nginx to act as a reverse proxy for the connections, load balancing across the 3 nodes. I've also configured a secondary nginx VPS to act as a failover to the primary nginx VPS, should that...
  3. Matt

    Update Elasticsearch 2.0

    I've upgraded the cluster from 1.7.3 to 2.0 as this was released yesterday Release, we have | Elastic There was an issue which Mike @ XenForo has already fixed, so it's up and running.
  4. Matt

    Elasticsearch 1.7 Out

    Elasticsearch 1.7.0 | Elastic Just upgraded my versions to it.