Update XF2 on the Shared Hosting Servers

As Memcached is available on the shared hosting servers, when you upgrade to XF2, if you want to use Memcached as the cache back end, you will need to add the below into the config.php file

$config['cache']['enabled'] = true;
$config['cache']['sessions'] = true;
$config['cache']['namespace'] = 'UNIQUE_';
$config['cache']['config'] = [
    'servers' => [
        ['', 11211]
$config['cache']['provider'] = 'Memcached';
Please pay special attention to the following:

$config['cache']['namespace'] = 'UNIQUE_';

Make sure you replace UNIQUE_ with something unique, ie, an abbreviation of your forum URL, such as 'mwsforum_' as this will ensure there is no overlap or caching issues between sites.

If in doubt, please check with me first.