Update Work Requests

In order to get a better handle on work requests, all work needs to be scheduled in advance. I'm not really in a position to do work ad-hoc ASAP anymore, due to the amount of work I am receiving.

To help with this, I need all requests to be submitted into the correct section, and all new requests to be in their own threads. To help with this, I've installed the Multi-Prefix addon from XenMods

Multi Prefix 1.3.0 | XenMods

This allows you to set the initial request prefix, and I can then set the relevant work status


I'm going to sort the styling out, but I've loaded the initial prefix in place.


Hosting Customer
Hey Matt, can you help with getting my threads to stay in the order I need them on our forum? We use them as tutorials and they are prefixed and numbered, but I can't seem to keep them in the order that they need to be seen. Can you help? Thank you!
You can't do that with the default software. You would need an addon, something like the sticky thread order, where you can assign an number to the thread and they stay in that sequence.