Hi All,

Per the email that was sent out, I've now finished manually adding all the accounts to WHMCS, added all the products, and linked the subscriptions with the recurring invoices.

I've added a link to WHMCS in the top menu on here:


There is also a fully working ticket system inside WHMCS, so please feel free to start using that if you want, in addition to the forum.

You can view the products you have with me in there. For accounts where I've been able to get an address from PayPal, I've added it to your details. For accounts where there wasn't a physical address, this is blank. Please feel free to fill this in also.


Invoices are automatically generated 1 day before the payment is due. For anyone with a recurring PayPal subscription, there is nothing for you to do. The invoice will automatically be marked as PAID once the subscription payment has been taken. For people paying manually with Stripe, there is a link to PAY NOW on the invoice, so please click that, and pay with your Credit / Debit card.

Any questions or issues, please let me know.



All invoicing is now automated via WHMCS. Invoice is generated 1 day before the bill is due. Anyone with automatic subscriptions, invoices will automatically be marked as PAID once the PayPal payment has been processed.

As part of this, reminder emails will be sent for anyone performing manual payments, and any shared hosting will automatically be suspended after 7 days if the invoice remains unpaid. Sites will be automatically re-activated upon payment being received.


I've just finished upgrading WHMCS to 7.1, which includes a new official Stripe Payment Module.

This new module allows you to store your card details for future use, while remaining secure and PCI compliant, as the card data is encrypted, and a Token is stored on my end for the card details, and my system never actually sees the card data.
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