Announcement Upcoming Holiday


I've got 4 night away with the family coming up.

I will be away from Monday 22nd to Friday 25th February.

I will have my laptop and 4G dongle incase something major happens with my own servers, but during this time, I won't be taking on any additional work.

Additionally, unless something on the shared hosting servers breaks, I won't be around to fix anything "you" break on your sites until I'm back.

I'm only human (despite what some people think...... Mijo ;)) and do need holidays and time away with the family.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.


Hosting Customer
Oh nice! I keep meaning to get a cottage myself somewhere like that, or a log cabin on a loch in Scotland. (by get, I mean rent, lol)
Hope you have a great time!


just received the email. thanks for the info Matt.
Everything on my servers is working perfect.
Enjoy your holiday! cheers! :headphone: