Testing ssl


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ok. i wasn't sure what you meant by "serve" all images

but what you did was go to "ACP > Options > Messages > Image and Link Proxy: tick 'Proxy Images"

now when someone posts pictures it copies it and now it is saved on your server.

That's why when i was doing some testing, i was getting mixed content and the green locked wasn't always showing. Because i didn't have the "Proxy Images" checkbox clicked.

Did you also check the "Proxy Links" checkbox?



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I'm not sure if i like ssl. i got it working on one of my test websites, but it's a bit of a pain. Some images outside the post area so the green lock goes away,

also statcounter wants us to pay so we can use ssl in their code, so can't use statcounter or won't get the green lock. i still can use google analytics instead of statcounter.

i'm not sure if ssl is worth it, i doubt it would make a big difference for rankings.... i don't know


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is it easy to revert back to non-ssl? cloudflare warned me it wasn't easy to go back to non-ssl. or maybe they were trying to scare me.


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in fact. i typed in best videos in google search and none of the sites that came up first were ssl


none ssl sites

i wonder why google is trying to push ssl so much,

i look around and very few sites have ssl

i wonder what their agenda with ssl is...


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it says right here, something about disabling https you won't be able to go back to http

in the cloud flare cpanel



It depends on the HSTS value you set. Most set 365 days, so will cache on the user end and force them to try and connect via SSL for a year.


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bah hum bug! :sour:

well i've had enough of ssl! i decided to remove it on the weekend, it's too much headaches

i'll wait when the majority of the websites use it, the problem is, its too complicated when most sites that you link on your forum don't use ssl, it seems it's not too compatible with non ssl sites.

Im not running a website that requires credit cards or anything private.

I've given up on ssl. I don't see any real benifets for my site too.

in fact from all the sites I visit I really don't care weather or not they are ssl except my bank's website.

I only started to care more and more when google keeps changing the icon in the browser.

stupid google.

I'm sure most average people don't even understand or care or know about ssl.

I did notice a huge drop in traffic and noticed some copy cat sites couldn't copy my sites anymore..

it was fun to try but time to move on.

now I understand... if it's not broke don't fix it.
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