Stable Host

Michael Ho

I thought of starting up a forum using Xenforo, and using StableHost for their un-managed VPS. I wounder what will be the cost like If I were to seek your help in managing the VPS? Because I know nothing about managing VPS.

Michael Ho

In the past, been using different share hostings for word press.
I didn't like wp and all the trouble come with for share hosting. I finally shut everything down.

I have a project on my mind for these 2 years and have not put forward to doing it, still in the research phase.
I have been searching the net for a better solution for Xenforo hosting.
Been to different forums on discussing hosting and trying to search the best optimal hosting plan during the last couple of days.
Came across Digital Ocean for their cloud hosting and the price are reasonable.
However, I not a tech-guy and I wonder what are the pros and cons for using cloud hosting.

I heard wonderful things about Matt services and wanted to know what would be the cost to help set up and maintain a cloud hosting?


It depends on what you want. I can either set up nginx with centminmod, or cpanel on one of their VPS. I charge a flat rate of £80 for the install and configuration, and then if you wanted ongoing maintenance, it's £15 a month for 1 hour a month to update things on the server and general maintenance tasks

Michael Ho

Hi Matt,

Sorry, I took so long to come back to you. I was caught in my work for the last couple of months on a project. Now that I have some free time on my hand, I would like to pursue on this project. Literally I am a noob for server and linux. I have purchased the license for Zenforo and I need a person to set it up for me. There are some requirements I want but I don't know if it is feasible. Here is my thought.

1. Setup 2 cloud servers on Digital Ocean: - one set of the server is to run the Xenforo forum, another is for the user data base. Servers to have cPanel installed. I wanted to start small on Digital Ocean because I would not know if the forum will be popular.
2. Install and configure the Xenforo software.

Matt, what is your suggestions and your cost for the job?