SSL Issues this AM


This morning, I asked the registrar for the domain name to set up 2 Glue records for the domain, so I could use the domain name for my own NS servers for the Cloud Hosting.

While doing this, they also changed the nameservers of the domain itself, to use the new records, and pointed the domain into a black hole.

I use DNSMadeEasy for the DNS records, and them making the change pointed everything to my Cloud Hosting account, which doesn't host this site, which is why you would have been getting SSL alerts about it not being the correct site (good in a way, because it shows SSL is doing what it's supposed to).

This should be all sorted now, as I've changed everything back, and told Google to flush the DNS Cache for the domain name. If you use another DNS resolver via your ISP, it might have taken slightly longer to update as the registrar put a very high TTL on the DNS record.