Announcement Something Exciting Coming!

Been with Nimbus since the split of Global Gold, also been with GG for some years, always liked both but with a special sympathy for Tim since old vBulletin days (that was also the reason I moved Nimbus later).
They are going to be my own custom templates. So it will already be pre-configured to my own spec, be it cPanel / WHM or nginx / php-fpm and no panel.
This site has now been moved to one of the new VPS. It's now running cPanel with Litespeed + MariaDB10. I'm running the latest 5.0RC3 of Litespeed, so the site makes use of HTTP/2 via SSL :)
I've also been able to offset some of the cost of Litespeed licencing, to be able to offer it either 50% discounted on the 2 larger Entry Level plans, and for free on the Premium Cloud ones. :)