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    First impression is it's blazingly fast. Browsed around a bit and it's looking really good, obviously the look/style of the posts will need getting used to (I'm not fond of the current style of the quote box, it makes it hard to differentiate between quoted text and normal text, possibly because of the colour scheme), but the functionality seems great, everything works really fast, BIG fan of the "Insert Existing Attachment" feature (I assume that's a core function), desperately want something like that for XF, for which there is a paid add-on but I'm not keen to pay for add-ons anymore as their add-ons section is not doing well, lol. But I will be waiting for the release of XF2 before I consider changing to IPB, I've sunk so much money into add-ons that I'm not too keen to leave XF just yet. So yeah, on the whole I like it Matt, especially if the Quote and MultiQuote links could be moved to the right hand side of the post, lol,
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    i like it, it looks nice, feels like xenforo with a different skin

    im going to download it and try the back end

    xenforo does need way too many add-ons
    im over 60 add-ons