Update Outlook / Hotmail Blocking Emails


Hi All,

Unfortunately, over the last few weeks, Hotmail / Outlook / Live have started mass blocking IP address and IP ranges. This has included most of my own IP address on my shared hosting platform, across several different providers.

Unfortunately, I've been trying to work with them for the last 3 weeks to have this block removed, but they will not remove any of the IP's from their list. Unfortunately, there isn't anything further I can do about this, because other than Outlook, my IP addresses are clean across all the spam black lists. Microsoft are also unwilling to provide me with any additional details. However, because they are blocking across multiple higher level service providers (which I'm using both in the UK and the US),it's Microsoft taking the effective "Ban Hammer" and not allowing end users to work with them. I've opened several tickets, and they are simply not willing to work with me to unblock them.

The only way this can be mitigated is on a user by user basis, and you will effectively need to route your emails through a 3rd party SMTP provider, such as Amazon SES / Sendgrid / Gmail


This has been taken out of my control as I've mentioned above, as Microsoft aren't willing to even review the mails sent from any of the IP ranges I've sent them over.


So I've been testing a solution where I can use a smart relay (Sendgrid),to send only emails destined for Outlook / Hotmail etc.

They are even blocking Sendgrid!



I'm having some success routing Hotmail etc. through sendgrid over night on 2 of the servers. If this doesn't work, I'll have to look at moving provider again for the shared hosting servers (which means having to move all your site's to a new server once it's ready).


I'm currently looking into provisioning new servers to replace CP1 and CP2. Updates to follow.


Hopefully some good news!


My name is Anirudh and I work with the Outlook.com Deliverability Support Team.
We have implemented mitigation for your IP ( and this process may take 24 - 48 hours to replicate completely throughout our system.

Outlook.com Deliverability Support”
Had some help from my provider to work on the main shared hosting servers, and hopefully in 24/48 hours we should be good to go again.


Managed Customer
i moved most of my emails away from outlook because they kept blocking access from my email because my ip was different, then they required a phone number and i only had one phone number, it was such a pain,

i use mail.com now, expect they are blocked by many servers,

i hate hotmail and outlook!!

but i hate spammers more!


Edvard Munch must have been tortured by Microsoft's mail undelivery-insanity. No other things is so horrendous.