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Maxim Dounin

Changes with nginx 1.9.5 22 Sep 2015

*) Feature: the ngx_http_v2_module (replaces ngx_http_spdy_module).
Thanks to Dropbox and Automattic for sponsoring this work.

*) Change: now the "output_buffers" directive uses two buffers by

*) Change: now nginx limits subrequests recursion, not simultaneous

*) Change: now nginx checks the whole cache key when returning a
response from cache.
Thanks to Gena Makhomed and Sergey Brester.

*) Bugfix: "header already sent" alerts might appear in logs when using
cache; the bug had appeared in 1.7.5.

*) Bugfix: "writev() failed (4: Interrupted system call)" errors might
appear in logs when using CephFS and the "timer_resolution" directive
on Linux.

*) Bugfix: in invalid configurations handling.
Thanks to Markus Linnala.

*) Bugfix: a segmentation fault occurred in a worker process if the
"sub_filter" directive was used at http level; the bug had appeared
in 1.9.4.

Maxim Dounin

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