NGINX and Litespeed

Hello Matt,
I am currently using Litespeed on my server. It seems to work pretty good. I used to use NGINX on my old server. It worked pretty good as well.

I'm thinking of going back to NGINX due to the $50 monthly cost of the 2CPU license.

Do you have any opinion on which web server is better? I'm thinking that the only way I would see a difference between the two is if my server got really busy and had high traffic that Litespeed might help a little more. Do you have a preference on either of the web servers? A lot of the articles on the web seem to be split between those in favor of one or the other.

I see that you have an NGINX install service and that it says you install CentMinMod version of NGINX. I think my host installed the Engintron version of NGINX in the past.

My host said in a ticket:

"The switch between two web servers you have mentioned can be done, but this is unfortunately not supported by us. However, we can do our best to help you under Beyond scope of support.

"Beyond scope support" means we cannot offer our full support for this issue, but we will give it our best attempt. We, unfortunately, cannot guarantee a successful outcome, or that we will be able to support this issue in the future. Essentially, "beyond scope support" allows us to do work above and beyond our scope of full support which we would normally not be able to provide."

Do you only install CentMinMod or will you install another version of NGINX if requested?

Thank you and I hope you had a nice vacation. :)



So if Engintron has been used in the past, that suggests you are using cPanel for your server?

If you are, cPanel now has the ability to install nginx as a stand alone replacement for Apache, or as a reverse proxy to Apache. I personally Litespeed on my shared hosting cPanel servers, and nginx on anything that doesn't require a control panel (which is what my nginx install package is).

If you want to start a PM with me, we can discuss further?