Matt is the only sever guy I can trust


Hosting Customer
I don't have the largest forum here, but it is of decent size, and Matt never tries to oversell with me with things that have no benefit to the forum. My forum is The Truckers Forum. I have also donated another forum to a long time admin of that forum The Sports Outlaw, both now handled by Matt.

When I was first introduced to Matt, if I remember correctly, it was due to my server at Servint having issues with my "Enhanced Search" installation on my Xenforo forum. He tweaked the settings to make things work, but let me know of the age of the software on my server, and why things had to be set up as he did. I had only hired him for this one purpose.

Soon after, I approached him regarding a better server. He set me up with a server that drastically cut my operating costs and allowed me to actually use the enhanced search with the latest versions available. Even at this point, he never pushed anything above and beyond at me. In other words, he provided a good service, without simply being a salesman.

In time, I donated one of my forums to a long time member ( as mentioned above),and got Matt set up to handle a server for this guy as well.

Since that time, no matter what has happened, Matt has always been there, immediately in emergencies, and quickly any other time,. to handle any server issues I may have. Uptime has never been an issue, and Matt has always been more than fair when it comes to anything extra I have asked of him regarding server work.

if you need a managed solution, Matt is your guy. I'm convinced he can fix any problem. Matt is the best server guy I could ever recommend, and that is coming from a guy who has been operating forums since 1998.