Issues with Support Portal



Nov 7, 18:19 UTC
Monitoring - Our engineering team has identified the cause of the issue with the support portal, and has implemented a fix to resolve the issue. At this time, actions are currently processing to allow users who have recently signed up to correctly submit support tickets. Our team anticipates this process to execute for about the next hour.

We will post an update once the process has completed.

If you experience any issues during this time, please submit a ticket via our contact form: Contact Support at DigitalOcean

Nov 7, 18:04 UTC
Investigating - Our engineering team is investigating an issue with support ticket routing, and our support portal. At this time, users who have recently signed up with DigitalOcean may experience an error when attempting to access the support portal or submit tickets at cloudsupport. Existing users should not be affected, and may continue to use the support portal normally.

To work around any issues with the support portal, users may submit tickets via our contact form here: Contact Support at DigitalOcean

We apologize for the inconvenience and will share an update once we have more information.

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