ImunifyAV: The Free, Powerful, Malware Scanner (now in Beta for cPanel and DirectAdmin)


Paul Jacobs


Keeping watchful is the first step towards effective security; keeping malicious code out of your websites is essential to protect them.

I’m excited to let you know about ImunifyAV, our powerful new malware scanner. It’s currently available in beta for cPanel and DirectAdmin panels.

I’m also happy to tell you it’s free and will always be free (as in forever). Here’s more about it.

  • ImunifyAV detects all kinds of malware in all types of filesx — it doesn’t matter whether your websites are based on PHP (like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal),or built with classic, static HTML. Our advanced de-obfuscation techniques let it detect malicious code hidden in files using encryption or encoding.
  • ImunifyAV is effective anti-malware protection. It can detect and notify you of many methods of attack: back doors, web shells, viruses, hacker tools, ‘black hat SEO’ scripts, phishing pages, and many others. You can then take action to manually clean infected files and keep your websites safe.
  • For automated cleanup, upgrade to ImunifyAV+. It has all the smart detection features of ImunifyAV, with the addition of efficient, one-click removal of any discovered malicious software or computer viruses, over 97% of which can be cleaned automatically.

Click here to learn how to download ImunifyAV for cPanel and DirectAdmin, completely free.

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