Announcement Imunify360 Testing


In order to continue to improve the services I offer, and provide additional layer of security to your sites, I'm testing Imunify360 on CP2

This provides several additional layers of security:


If this goes well over the next 30 days, I will be rolling this out to all the shared hosting servers.

However, if anyone notices anything strange, or gets reports of things being blocked, please let me know via PM on here, and provide an screen shot of the issue (as there are mod_sec rules now in place that I can see are proactively blocking a lot of wordpress admin brute force activity and such). I can then review the rule that is being triggered, and relax it if required.



So having reviewed the logs for the last 24 hours, I've only had to disable 1 rule so far, that was preventing the favicon being loaded on xenforo sites using UNFURL

This is the type of thing it's proactively defending against:

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This has been going really well so far, so I'll be rolling this out across all the shared hosting servers once I have purchased the licences for them.