i need more ram!!


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i have 16gb of ram on my computer, and i thought that would be more than enough, i hit 15 gb using today, and my computer is only 1.5 years old,

why is it every year i need more and more ram, ddr4 ram is too expensive at the moment too, it wont go down in price and i keep watching it every month,

why cant they make programs that use less and less ram

im tried of ram
this is getting out of hand, we need to call the ram police

how much ram will we need in 100 years
Sounds like your bottle necking the system with poor Hard drive or CPU speeds or you are running alot of junk behind the scenes or at boot that you are unaware of ?

I run 16gb and barely get about 40% usage when having Pinnacle, dreamweaver, Filezilla, Photoshop, lightroom , firefox with about 20 tabs open and office/outlook all open at once. Idle for me is around 15-20% usage.


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My CPU is fast and a 6 core and i have an ssd, my computer is fairly new so it shouldn't be running so slow, and almost at max ram, its was driving me nuts!!

also, i remember running it on windows and it wasn't using that much ram,

i have to leave my computer on 24/7 because i am running a lot of programs, also, i am using virtualbox vm for windows 7, i have about 5 monitors

but i have some good news!!!!! i was able to figure out the problem, the problem was my operating system, i was using ubuntu, seems ubuntu was using too much ram, maybe it was all the fancy menus or maybe there is too much bloat on it,

i ended up changing to linux mint and i choose the lightest version and poof!! my computer is fast!! nothing is slow, and my ram usually stays at about 40% to 55% with all the programs i use and browser!!

it's soo much better, i am able to customize a lot more with mint,

my system is not slow anymore and i still have 50% ram,

i forgot to save a picture of ubuntu, the ram and cpu was almost on max

here is a picture of my system in mint,
look how much ram these programs use,



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im out of ram again!! and ddr4 ram is too expensive

why is life always full of ram problems!!

is it bad to keep running at max ram?

i see that swap gives me another 16 gb's, will it be ok?

im out of ram again!! and ddr4 ram is too expensive

why is life always full of ram problems!!

is it bad to keep running at max ram?

i see that swap gives me another 16 gb's, will it be ok?

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Limux will still use as much RAM as it physically can, and free it up when needed. That fact it's showing 16GB used, from a command line, what does free -m show?


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free -m showed i was using 16gb as well

I figured it out! The problem was my xorg config file. I had a custom one made because i was using multi-monitor with 2 different video cards in linux,

I reverted to the nvidia defaults, and poof! my ram went back to using 10gb, its complicated using 2 different videos in cards in linux, i remember windows made it easier,

i'll have to get 2 of the same videos cards to see if that works better, i still want more ram, but this will take me to next year, hopefully ddr4 ram will be cheaper next year


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i just optimized my ram even more..

stupid stupid me..

I was giving all my virtual machines 6 gb of ram each, i thought if i gave all my virtual machines the most ram, they would run super fast,

what i didn't know, is that the virtual machines reserve the 6gb of ram, thats why i kept running out of ram!!

i bumped all my virtual machines down to 2gb each, and i can run many vm's and not run out of ram,

that was the major problem. 2gb of ram is enough for virtual machines, i can even go lower without loss of speed

learn something everyday!!


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im back to needing more ram!!


this is ridiculous, why dont they make computers with 1tb or 5tb of ram

i only have 6 virtual machines are once, that is not a lot,

its mostly windows that hogs all the ram,

bah hum bug windows!!

also my virtual machines are super slow, i tried 1 virtual machine on my small 240 ssd
and it was super fast!!

why are ssd's and ram so expensive, its been a year and they are still expensive!

i just realized this week, how fast ssds are

i heard pci-e ssds are even faster than sata ssds
i don't want to try pci-e ssds :unsure:


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my server is running on normal ssd

i dont want to try them until i can afford to get one
for home, they are crazy expensive