Announcement Holiday 2015


As I am still a human, I've got 2 weeks holiday booked in June.

I'll be away from Friday 12th June until Saturday 26th June, and I'll be pretty much out of contact with the web, due to where we will be staying.

I will be taking my laptop with my phone that I can use as a wifi hotspot, so will depend if I can get 3g / 4g service.


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i remember last year i went on vacation and i didn't check if my hotel had internet because i thought all hotels would have internet.

Turns out it didn't :unsure:
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It's ok. It means you will have to spend more time on the beach drinking coconuts & swimming.



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Looks nice, then again everything in Europe is nicer than here. I really need to take a trip over there.

Miguel Dias

Plufft finally returned from my stressfull vacations (if we can call vacations when everyone is calling you for this and that...)

Need to forget the phone on my next ones!

Hope you enjoy it :)