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Update Elasticsearch Cluster

Discussion in 'Shared Hosting' started by Matt, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. Matt

    Matt Owner

    I've made some more changes on the ES Cluster. I've added another node into the cluster, and configured nginx to act as a reverse proxy for the connections, load balancing across the 3 nodes.

    I've also configured a secondary nginx VPS to act as a failover to the primary nginx VPS, should that go down. If it does, the A record will change the IP address associated automatically, and route all incoming ES traffic into the alternate nginx VPS.

  2. Matt

    Matt Owner

    Cluster has been updated to Elasticsearch 5.2
  3. Matt

    Matt Owner

    I've switched the proxy from nginx to haproxy on the two front end load balancer nodes.
  4. Matt

    Matt Owner

    Had ongoing issues with errors randomly reporting ES not running, so I've moved search back to the local servers, and updated all the boards I have access to.