Does WHM Cpanel allow us to open up email service registration to anyone?


Managed Customer
Major email providers seem to block you once you start sending out mass newsletters as they see you as a spammer.

I know in cpanel you can create emails. Is it possible to open up registrations to strangers?

I guess i could create an email for somebody and then give them the link and password in order to login.

Anyone have any solutions to do with emails?
So I was reading online that I can install
and use roundcube as an email service provider software. I could sell email accounts to anyone online. Proton mail charges like 4 USD a month to use their service.

ive always wanted to be an email service provider because I hate gmail and outlook

what's funny is I have been using roundcube for many years as it is installed by default with cpanel.
Yes you “could”. Should you? Probably not! Email is a horrible thing to do well. Anti Spam measures are very strict, you need clean IP addresses, DKIM, SPF at a minimum. Even then, there is no guarantee that email will be delivered successfully.