I recently upadted my xenforo webpage to 1.4.10 which suposedly fixed the deface issue that the system was having. For my surprise, I was defaced again today. Why does this keeps happening. Wasn't this fixed already? I can't get my website online eventhough i switched the index.php for the original one. Please help with this situation.

This is the index.php file that was used to hack my website and deface it.!S9EQiQ7B!LdlChWMpgXJgNJtiY2hDHJQH1QBSIhIk8MsnGrKqSxo

Also, yesterday I was having an issue with people being redirected to OVH webmail. I found out on login.php file that some website was trying to gain access to people's users and password. This needs to be resolved promptly. Here is what the login.php file was looking after they edited them.


Hopefully you will be able to fix all these issues because it is very annoying and dangerous for everybody including xenforo.

some service to solve this?



If you have been hacked, then you are going to need to do a full server audio, and check ALL the files on the server. Just because you have updated XenForo, doesn't mean that all the infected files have been removed.