Christmas 2019


What did Father Christmas bring you then this year? For me, I really wanted a new pair of Nike Vaporfly Next% (already have the green version, but wanted the pink ones so I could alternate between races)


and a new soundbar for the TV. I've had a Sony TV since the start of the year, but the old soundbar was LG. Even though they work together, there were compatability issues with certain features.

Picked up the new one yesterday in the sale, and I was torn between the HT-XF9000 and the HT-ZF9. The ZF9 is a few hundred £ more, and supports 2 HDMI input, is 3.1 rather than 2.1, plus the ability to add wireless surround speakers (another £300). For the extra money, I don't think the ZF9 was worth it. I really wanted ATMOS support and 4K pass through (for the Sky Q box) , which is why I was looking at those 2 specific models to match my TV. So far, very pleased with the XF9000 model.


VPS Customer
A Garmin watch which totally came out of left field and also got a pair of these for my Xbox.

I been looking for a long time for a new headset. The sound quality is superb even if I did spend 3 hours trying to figure out why the mic wasn't working only to find it turned down in the app that you sync the settings to the headset. :cry:


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The Forerunner45. Im not usually a watch person and at first was very apprehensive but now its set up its a very good piece of kit plus it will help with my fitness boost in 2020. Time to shed a load of weight.