Changing an FTP password and potential ramifications.


Hello, all! Hope all's well.

We recently had a potential security scare and we're looking for ways to change all of our assorted passwords. Is there a way to change the FTP password for an nginx LINode file system that hosts our Xenforo forum. So, I have a few inquiries, please.

1) Where does one do that?
2) What will changing that password actually affect in terms of a Xenforo forum? Will things like the database suddenly lose access to the files on the site?
3) If something happens and I lose that new password, (Even as paranoid as I am and the fail-safes I have to prevent it.) is there a way to recover that new password?

Thanks very much!


Your server is set up using centminmod. You can change the ftp password for the specific user that was created using pureftp. eva2000 has information on this on his site.

Changing the ftp password won't affect the running of the forum.

If you loose the new password, you would need to reset it again. They are encrypted when stored.