bitcoin is still in the fight, 2018 was a bad year, its crashed a lot, mining crashed too, but it's a good thing

but in 2018 i have been noticing more and more censorship especially from big corporations such as paypal, twitter, facebook, visa

it's incredible how much of a fight against freedom these companies keep pushing people,

more and more people are in debt every year and housing has skyrocketed, housing has become a luxury for only the rich or poor people who get into a lot of debt for a house

i am following the payment processors very closely and recently a developer came out with software where you can can accept bitcoin without third party,

you can install it yourself on a linux server, i am amazed how much the bitcoin community progress is making!

and i started running my own lightning bitcoin server!

can you imagine if everyone was able to be their own paypal? then we wouldn't need paypal

and with the france protesting going on recently, france is being destroyed by immigration and the banks making money from our money

i think people are starting to wake up and realizing why we are so poor

i believe bitcoin/crypto is the future is will give us financial freedom from the banks!

we're heading towards a future without the need of the banks!

we will be our banks!

the internet is truly helping us fight the fight against freedom!

i also believe countries money's will be irrelevant in the future!

we are forced to use british pounds! american dollars! australian dollars!

why??? just because i am a citizen of that country?

and our country's dollars keep losing value!!!???
they keep spending money to put some person's face on our money!

bitcoin doesn't have anyones face! even though it's everyones money!

this magazine was released in 1988
it was released in 1988
1 currency beating all the currencies in the world
something fishy is going on!

people look at me like im crazy!!
but bitcoin is the future! we no longer need banks or any country's currency!

these are exciting times!!

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we're slowly on our way back up!!

many people thought bitcoin was dead but bitcoin is deflationary!!

hold your hats!! country paper currencies are on their way down!!


well we're still slowly climbing back up,

there is many people trying to keep the price down, such as Kevin O’Leary

this guy is such a liar

he is going around telling people that bitcoin is fraud and bitcoin does not work, and bitcoin does not make sense,

but we found a video of him back from 2013 explaining bitcoin and telling people bitcoin is the future,

these guys are millionares/billionaires who made billions off gold,
and are into manipulating the prices

they are trying to spread lies and get people to sell their bitcoin so they can buy it at a low price,

they know gold is bad money, and gold is no longer revelent as a store of value
their bread and butter is from gold and feel threatened but won't admit it because they still have tons of customers who are investing in their gold

gold is old money!

never sell your bitcoin! never trade it for fiat money!

instead hold on to your bitcoin or buy things with it!

bitcoin is the future !

never loose hope my brothers! we will defeat the scummy banks who have been stealing from us for 100 years!

get ready for the big crash!!

the u.s.a. economy is on it's way down,

there is no more jobs in the usa, china is rising and wants to take over the usa dollar as the world's reserve currency
they are building infustracture all over the world with 3rd world countries, so they can import their products faster,

the usa only has the military industrial complex now,

it's a empire in decline,

when the usa dollar starts to crash, which already has been for many years,
bitcoin will contine to move up up and up

save yourselfs!!! buy guns!! buy food!! and most of all, buy bitcoin!!

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it's been 4 years since i started this thread

im still in the Bitcoin game!! im fact i've joined the Bitcoin army!!

we are digital soldiers fighting for Bitcoin!!

never give up!! nothing is going to stop what's coming!!

we are now heading for another bull run!! to the moon again!!

paypal added buying bitcoin!! and many other companies are realizing Bitcoin is the future!!

everyone should have some Bitcoin in their portfolio!!

we are now at 14,281USD a coin, which is 11,040 pounds a coin!!

fight fight fight!!

never give up!!

we must fight corruption with Bitcoin!!




to the moon boys!!

buy buy buy!!

we will win against the banks!!

we are digital soldiers!!Q!!!




33,777.01 USD = 24,672.59 Pounds


We will win!!

Quit the stock market!! The game is stopping! GameStop

Leave the pounds, leave the dollar, leave every currency on earth!! convert your paycheck to bitcoin as soon as you get paid!!

We will not backdown!!

Fight against censorship!!

Fight the banks!!

Bitcoin = Freedom!

Bitcoin will unite us!!
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whos still in?!!!:cool::cool:

43,651.48 USD


We're heading back up after a big drop.

The big drop was caused by the bankers. The bankers have been buying up Bitcoin with their unlimited money and then quickly selling it.

They have been trying to scare everyone into selling their Bitcoin and giving up. They want to destroy Bitcoin because it threatens their fiat world bank ponzi scam,

They have been robbing us humans since beginning of time!

Fuck Banks!

We will fight. Never give up brothers!!

Never sell your Bitcoin. It's your way out of the corrupt system all around the world!

They are trying to destroy humanity by injecting us with some sort of garbage and they are coming for our kids

Bitcoin can defeat the tranny governments all over the world.

The separation of money and state

never give up! fight until the end. dont be afraid of death. Slavery is worse then death.

fight Bitcoin.jpeg


so what is everyone here doing to fight inflation?

inflation is a system created on purpose to steal the value of our money and keep us poor. This system was created by the controllers of the world. They are the BANKERS of the world. The banking families.

the only answer is to exchange your country's currency into REAL money, BITCOIN

Exchanging your money/savings into Bitcoin will help destroy the system of slavery we are currently in.

We must never give up!

Currently the bankers are trying to crash the world economy and bring in their own digital currency. They HATE bitcoin so they will force everyone to use their ponzi digital currency.


we have been slaves of the system since the beginning of time

we must not give up! we must fight for freedom and fight for what you believe in

dark to light!!

dark-to light.jpg




Bitcoin went down quite a bit these days!!!


but have no fear! the price of Bitcoin is not important!!!

because Bitcoin will become the world's reserve currency in the near future!!!!

Then every currency in the world will be base off Bitcoin just like the USD dollar.

The USD dollar will be finished!!! the USA dollar is not american it's a deep state banking currency so it will benifit the USA when its crashes and disappears!

stay strong freedom fighters!!

dont loose hope!!

remember Bitcoin is about bringing down the central banks and not about money!!

buy bitcoin every month and use it as a saving account!!

Bitcoin will continue to go up forever. It was built to go up forever!!!

It will hit 100k in the future!!









STAY STRONG PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REMEMBER NEVER SELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Got to love the progression of this thread and the multi-millions that have been generated since the start of it.

I've been in crypto for about 14-16 months now, built a sizable portfolio and dollar cost averaged all the way through the ups and downs. I'm a holder, acumulator rather than trader currently though so in it for the long haul. At the current levels and lowest all the markets have been in for a few years.....I'm still in a profit, but if/when it rally's back to its all time high in a year or two the gains will be significant.

That said, we could see 20k, maybe even 8k before we start to see big pumps again but if we get to 8k i'll be buying like crazy.

I'm not a fanboy over bitcoin being the deflationary future though, or think this is going to take over fiat money in its current form. I don't really care for all that trash and hype, to get the general population into crypto, it won't because they want help the world become deflationary etc, it will be because there is money to be made.

I'm in this for generational wealth and stablity, not because i want to help the world or think of BTC being the problem solver of the masses. 99% of BTC holders are the same, even though they like to preach, money talks.
I dumped my "small" amount of bitcoin back in 2019:
View attachment 10182

Even now, that would be work £2.3K, should have just kept it!
Haha yeah 100%, its all about the long term, I've got a bit of BTC worth a few K, but im heavily invested in ETH and some of the more dominant alt coins. Went for a good mix of high risk and low risk. ETH will pay my mortgage off in the next few years, if not sooner depending on what happens over the next few months.
I'm not a fanboy over bitcoin being the deflationary future though, or think this is going to take over fiat money in its current form.

I am a fanboy of Bitcoin being deflationary because that is how money is supposed to work. Every country's currency in this world is supposed to be deflationary. So our savings will continue to be worth more as we become older. By the time we are old and ready to retire, our savings will allow us to retire and we will have no money problems. That is what real money is supposed to do. But none of the currencies in this world do that. That's because the currencies are rigged. They were built to be inflationary. Built to always loose their value. So when you are old and weak you will not be able to retire. You will be forced to continue to work forever until your death and if you do manage to make some good money you will be taxed heavily or forced to hand over part of your money like inheritance money.

So who rigged our currencies? The bankers! It was built by them so everyone on earth can stay poor and not have money to challenge the political system or banking system. They continue to reap the rewards of our wealth. The are the richest on the earth off the backs of humans. Their system works amazing. They are rich and nothing has been able to bring their system down. Mostly because they infiltrated the education system and made sure that the real truth of the banking system is not taught in schools.


I don't really care for all that trash and hype, to get the general population into crypto, it won't because they want help the world become deflationary etc, it will be because there is money to be made.

It's not trash or hype. In fact the creator of Bitcoin created Bitcoin because he understood the banking system and wanted the world to have a fair honest banking system with a system of money that was deflationary . He did not build it because he wanted to make money or others to make money. His motivation was never to create hype of making money in order to get people into get into Bitcoin. He told us the truth of what is true. That the banking system is rigged against everyone on earth and it is not a system built to help humanity.

There is only a small amount of people on earth who understand the banking system and he was one of them who was tried of it and built his own banking system to destroy the old legacy banking system. Bitcoin has been succeeding because of the technology behind it and how the way it works. It will win and become the world's currency because it's a system not controlled by corrupt people.

If Bitcoin is succeeding solely based on the fact that people are making money then it will not survive to become the world's currency. But it continues to survive even behind the fact that the central banks have been attacking Bitcoin and trying to destroy it.

This is why Bitcoin will become the worlds banking system. Because it is not a ponzi system. If Bitcoin is only about money then it will not survive and take over the old banking system. Time will tell.

The fact that Bitcoin is an honest system of money is why the big institutions have started to adopt Bitcoin and even countries like El Salvador have added Bitcoin as their main currency.

But yes there is a lot people who only care about making money. These people are part of the masses. They will continue to flow into Bitcoin and as the world adopts Bitcoin. People like our grandmas and grandpas will be forced to use Bitcoin because it will become the world's standard and they will have no choice.

The majority of people will not take time to learn how money works or even care. They will just flock to whatever currency keeps their money safe.


I'm in this for generational wealth and stablity, not because i want to help the world or think of BTC being the problem solver of the masses. 99% of BTC holders are the same, even though they like to preach, money talks.

It's true 99% of Bitcoin holders do not understand the banking system and are in it because they are making money. They don't care or understand how the banking system works. They just want to make quick money.

This is exactly why many of the early holders sold their Bitcoin. Because they thought Bitcoin was only about making money and not going to become the worlds reserve currency.

But these past 2 years we have been hearing people say they are looking for something stable. It went from "i want to make quick easy money" to "i want something stable"

eventually "something stable to keep their savings into and makes them money for retirement"

If people's countries currency was stable and making them money. Then their would have no need for the masses to go into Bitcoin.

But the masses will continue to go into Bitcoin because their countries currency will continue to devalue and devalue more.

So why are countries currency so unstable and not able to keep their value?

Because its all rigged!


Haha yeah 100%, its all about the long term, I've got a bit of BTC worth a few K, but im heavily invested in ETH and some of the more dominant alt coins. Went for a good mix of high risk and low risk. ETH will pay my mortgage off in the next few years, if not sooner depending on what happens over the next few months.

Years ago we would never hear anyone say Bitcoin is about long term. But it is true. It is absolutely important that you hold Bitcoin at least until it becomes the world's currency. 1 Bitcoin is going to be worth millions and eventually when it does becomes the world's #1currency. Every currency in the world's value will be based off Bitcoin value. Bitcoin will not be worth in dollars but it will be worth in bitcoin. Just like the USD dollar is worth in dollars. Hard to understand.

There will be no mortgages in a Bitcoin world. There will be no debt.

Mortgages and debt is part of the corrupt banking system to keep us as slaves forever!

My opinion is that since the bankers have realized Bitcoin is going to destroy their old system they hired many developers to create Bitcoin like currencies and they have been pumping those crypto coins to make people purchase them instead of Bitcoin. Once people purchase them over a long period they dump them! They dump them in order to rob people and also scare people and thinking that crypto is a ponzi scheme including Bitcoin.

Member the bankers currently have unlimited money because the majority of people keep their money in the banking system. They are able to easily pump every coin and dump them!

I would advise not to get into any other crypto coins. 99.9% of them are scams by the bankers. Im not saying you wont make money because you can. You just have to know when to sell before the bankers bring down the scam coins. All crypto coins will eventually go to $0 except Bitcoin.

Don't forget the usa military is about to arrest the bankers and politicians of the world including the royal family! who participated in the cheating of the elections and trying to destroy America.

The British empire never stopped trying to take down america ever since the American Revolutionary War

They have always been angry that America got away! the have always been angry that america got away



Your United Kingdom country is finally going to free of the Queen! This is why Trump walked in front of the queen to show her whos boss! @ 44 seconds



I dumped my "small" amount of bitcoin back in 2019

Even now, that would be work £2.3K, should have just kept it!

It's never too late to get back in!

I still buy some every month and i also spend my bitcoin online monthly.

I have sold, spent some in the past to buy things i need

I am looking into getting a Bitcoin credit card.

bitcoin visa.png

I dont have much savings but i keep 99% of my savings in Bitcoin

I barley use my bank anymore. They tried to delete me because i joined the freedom protests!

Fuck Banks!


You guys need to be careful as the City of London is where the majority of evil bankers are

in fact you there could be some evil bankers reading this and they might come after me.

if i stop writing to this thread it is because they have caught me


Bitcoin is the only safe bet.

The world will be amazing once Bitcoin takes over!

stay strong soldiers the war against bitcoin is only beginning



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we're on our way back up.



I know some of you may be dis-motivated and upset that the price went down a lot. But the bankers have been constantly attacking Bitcoin.

The great news is that we are winning and the USA military is bringing down the central bankers for the 3rd time in their history and the fake USA dollar will no longer exist as we transfer over to the Bitcoin world system.

1st time: ended in 1811 by Congress
2nd time: ended in 1836 by Andrew Jackson
3rd time: ended in 2016 by Donald Trump

The Americans are also liberating the UK from the British Monarchy. Which means Canada & Australia will no longer be part of the monarchy.


I'm not sure what will happen. We will either become sovereign countries or be part of the USA.

I haven't had time to check the law of war manual.




orange pill.jpg