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bitcoin is still in the fight, 2018 was a bad year, its crashed a lot, mining crashed too, but it's a good thing

but in 2018 i have been noticing more and more censorship especially from big corporations such as paypal, twitter, facebook, visa

it's incredible how much of a fight against freedom these companies keep pushing people,

more and more people are in debt every year and housing has skyrocketed, housing has become a luxury for only the rich or poor people who get into a lot of debt for a house

i am following the payment processors very closely and recently a developer came out with software where you can can accept bitcoin without third party,

you can install it yourself on a linux server, i am amazed how much the bitcoin community progress is making!

and i started running my own lightning bitcoin server!

can you imagine if everyone was able to be their own paypal? then we wouldn't need paypal

and with the france protesting going on recently, france is being destroyed by immigration and the banks making money from our money

i think people are starting to wake up and realizing why we are so poor

i believe bitcoin/crypto is the future is will give us financial freedom from the banks!

we're heading towards a future without the need of the banks!

we will be our banks!

the internet is truly helping us fight the fight against freedom!

i also believe countries money's will be irrelevant in the future!

we are forced to use british pounds! american dollars! australian dollars!

why??? just because i am a citizen of that country?

and our country's dollars keep losing value!!!???
they keep spending money to put some person's face on our money!

bitcoin doesn't have anyones face! even though it's everyones money!

this magazine was released in 1988
it was released in 1988
1 currency beating all the currencies in the world
something fishy is going on!

people look at me like im crazy!!
but bitcoin is the future! we no longer need banks or any country's currency!

these are exciting times!!

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we're slowly on our way back up!!

many people thought bitcoin was dead but bitcoin is deflationary!!

hold your hats!! country paper currencies are on their way down!!




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well we're still slowly climbing back up,

there is many people trying to keep the price down, such as Kevin O’Leary

this guy is such a liar

he is going around telling people that bitcoin is fraud and bitcoin does not work, and bitcoin does not make sense,

but we found a video of him back from 2013 explaining bitcoin and telling people bitcoin is the future,

these guys are millionares/billionaires who made billions off gold,
and are into manipulating the prices

they are trying to spread lies and get people to sell their bitcoin so they can buy it at a low price,

they know gold is bad money, and gold is no longer revelent as a store of value
their bread and butter is from gold and feel threatened but won't admit it because they still have tons of customers who are investing in their gold

gold is old money!

never sell your bitcoin! never trade it for fiat money!

instead hold on to your bitcoin or buy things with it!

bitcoin is the future !

never loose hope my brothers! we will defeat the scummy banks who have been stealing from us for 100 years!

get ready for the big crash!!

the u.s.a. economy is on it's way down,

there is no more jobs in the usa, china is rising and wants to take over the usa dollar as the world's reserve currency
they are building infustracture all over the world with 3rd world countries, so they can import their products faster,

the usa only has the military industrial complex now,

it's a empire in decline,

when the usa dollar starts to crash, which already has been for many years,
bitcoin will contine to move up up and up

save yourselfs!!! buy guns!! buy food!! and most of all, buy bitcoin!!

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