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  1. toad

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    any plans to accept bitcoin as payments?

    not sure if you are into this bitcoin craze, or have even tried bitcoin,

    but currently it's skyrocketing , hitting 605 British pounds for 1

    i truly believe it will be used as a global currency/internet currency, good-bye paypal

    you should try out

    you can sign up to it and accept bitcoins, they turn it into fiat money and deposit it into your bank

    i bought one at 300, now its worth 605! time to go shopping!
  2. Matt

    Matt Owner

    Not currently for me. It's not something I've even looked into TBH.
  3. toad

    toad Managed Customer

    quick! get on the train, don't get left behind with the old dinosaurs and their gold

    the pound, the loonie, the dollar are all falling, bitcoin is rising, bitcoin is the new king!

  4. toad

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  5. toad

    toad Managed Customer

  6. toad

    toad Managed Customer

    unbelieveable! 1297 canadian dollars for one bitcoin and rising

    This is truly going to disrupt the banking systems all around the world. Most people still dont understand the power that is behind bitcoin.

    Ive had enough of all the corrupt banking in every country. It only benifets a few rich.

    The canadian dollar has fallen 30%. The governments are devaluating our currencies on purpose in order to steal our money and makes us poor.

    Look at the housing system. Its such a big scam.

    The british pound seems to be doing well.
    1 pound gives you 1.67 cad
    1 pound gives you 1.22 usd

    The royal family wont see bitcoin coming. Technology moves to fast for old dinosaur thinkers.

    Its time i start transfering my money to bitcoin as i believe and predict the canadian dollar will continue to fall. At least little savings that i have will be safe in bitcoins and the big bad banks wont be able to touch my money. Then when i need money i will convert it to cash. Thats if i really need too. Most places are starting to accept bitcoin.

    Because in the end, if its one thing i learned is we cant depend on the governments to take care of us. When shit hits the fan, its one man for himself

    I support bitcoin. I only trust myself with my own money.

    The fiat currencies will continue to devaluate and eventually become worthless while bitcoin will continue to increase.

    Not many people now can afford and wont be able to afford even 1 bitcoin coin in the future. Its going to be rare and worth alot of money. Im keeping mine until i retire.

    Should be worth half a million dollars by then!

    Glad i bought 1 when it was 300.

    Bitcoin is the future.
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  7. toad

    toad Managed Customer

    here is me in 20 years

  8. AdamD

    AdamD Hosting Customer

    I did once think about trying bitcoin mining, but it's complex, plus you need to invest heavily in bit mining equipment which sucks up tons of power
    That's not cheap here in the UK lol
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  9. toad

    toad Managed Customer

    i never got into mining, no one told me about bitcoin, or i would've been a millionaire by now

    bitcoin has doubled since i made this thread!


    bitcoin is the future, say goodbye to the 196 currenices we have in the world,

    we are headed towards a 1 world currency, without banks, goodbye banks!
  10. toad

    toad Managed Customer

    bail! bail! bail!!

    well i sent some bitcoin couple days ago to someone and its been 72 hours, and the transaction still hasn't gone through. now my transaction is stuck!!
    the fees are getting higher and higher!!


    time to cash out and ditch bitcoin!!

  11. Matt

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  12. toad

    toad Managed Customer

    oh no!! i didn't know about bitcoin back in 2010, why didn't you tell me!! no one told me!! i always horde everything!! i could've been a millionaire!!

    i didnt get into it until 2015, as soon as i started using it, i realized the power of bitcoin, i realised how the whole economy around the world are all fake

    i realised why we are all so poor and i realised why houses are so expensive, it opened my eyes

    the BANKS!

    the print money and lend it to us, then after years of lending, they crash the economy , take back everyone's homes and the restart the circle of lending money to people all over again.

    its a never ending circle and the only ones who stay rich are the bankers

    bitcoin will keep going up and up, the bankers are trying to bring down bitcoin, because they know bitcoin has the power to destroy their monopoly economy

    they are destroying countries, even the uk is in trouble!! they are letting hundreds of refugees inside with different values and poor immigrants

    they should be letting in skilled refugees

    i know all about whats going on!!!

    save yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i bought a bitcoin years ago because i knew what is going to happen, i tried to buy more but i couldn't afford it, i almost have 2

    i need to take out loans and buy more,

    ive always been poor but bitcoin is helping my survive in this world!! for the first time in my life i actually have some savings

    when i get paid next time i will try to buy a little more, but it keeps getting more and more expensive so i might not have 2 full bitcoins

    unless the bankers try to infiltrate bitcoin and destroy it, 1 bitcoin will = 1 million dollars

    but mostly because the u.s. dollar is going to crash, the chinese are trying to make it crash

    the chinese want the yuan to be the reserve currency of the world

    but we cannot trust the chinese!!! we cannot trust anyone

    only trust yourself!!

    when bitcoin hits 1 million, the us dollar will be worthless

    never sell your bitcoin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not for the bankers money!!!!!!!!

    this has been going on for hundreds of years, stealing our money!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    save yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i almost have 2 bitcoins, can you believe i only paid about 350usd for 2 years ago!! guess how much it is worth now

    this is the richest ive been since i lived with my grandma

    here is a good article about the monetary money scam
    Paper Money vs. Gold Money - US 38 year cycle

    never sell!!
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  13. toad

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    don't worry!! when i become a bit-millionaire in 10 years from my 2 bitcoins, i will still be a mattwservice customer!!