Backupsy used for multiple servers?


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Can backupsy be used for multiple servers?

I have 2 servers at home which i host a couple of websites and do some testing, it's nothing too important, it's mostly to help me gain more experience, and i have my main server online,

i do have backupsy for my main server, is it possible to set that up for both my servers at home? so in total, backupsy would be backing up my 3 servers,

or does backupsy some how limit that? i've learned to backup manually, but i don't know how to backup using backupsy, so i'm trying to learn
Backupsy is just a VPS provider, specializing in small CPU / RAM, with large disk allocations. You can use it for backing up as many servers as you want, as long as you configure it to do so.


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another question, since backupsy is just another server whose job is to copy files from another server,

instead of using backupsy, couldn't i just setup a linux server in my home, and just configure it to copy the files from my server online? this way i could stop using backupsy
Yes you could, but you obviously need enough bandwidth at home to pull the data down. I used to do it using a raspberry pi and a USB HDD.


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excellent! i have unlimited internet at home so it shouldn't be a problem, it cost me about $66gbp per month,

i have another old computer laying around which i could set up as my backup computer, my electricity is included with my rent, so i don't have to worry about extra costs

that'll be my next project when i have more time

heres what i used last month


If the home solution doesnt work for you get your self a VPS with large disk allocation instead of backupsy, Ive used backupsy on a number of occasions for emergency/temp backup servers and every single time ive done so I get timeouts, for example if i have 30 accounts on a server it will fail on the biggest ones 9 times out of 10. Every time backupsy blamed the server which wasnt theirs ( Obviously ),we we knew it wasnt since backup transits work just fine with every other backup server we use............just not backupsy.

You can pick up pretty reasonably priced VPS and dedi's now days with a couple of TB of space................or you could go down the NAS route.
My biggest concern with home backups, is while your download rate might be sufficient, what is the upload speed like? If you have say 60GB of data backed up on a drive at home, that could end up taking several days to upload and recover from a failure, but a VPS / Server would probably be able to upload the data in a couple of hours.


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I never thought about that, My upload speed is 9mps

Screenshot from 2017-03-21 20-01-13.png

i'll stick with backupsy for now, i haven't had any trouble with them,

But i will still try to setup a home backup and see how it works, it's mostly for learning purposes,

This past year i have learned a lot of how linux works, just by changing my OS to ubuntu,

I should of changed to linux years ago, i am quite happy with linux