1. Matt

    Announcement WHMCS

    Hi All, Per the email that was sent out, I've now finished manually adding all the accounts to WHMCS, added all the products, and linked the subscriptions with the recurring invoices. I've added a link to WHMCS in the top menu on here: There is also a fully working ticket system inside...
  2. Matt

    Announcement ChargeBacks

    I've just had my first charge back! Someone purchased the £3 small shared hosting package, and has now filed a charge back. I contacted the email address provided, and no response. I've now lost £15 for this charge back, and I would have just refunded them had they actually contacted me. The...
  3. Matt

    Announcement Stripe Payment

    I've enabled a new option to pay for services via Stripe This is an alternative to PayPal, and you can make single payments, or set up subscriptions to automatically pay for the services.