1. Matt

    Announcement Holidays 2021

    As things start to ease over here in the UK, I've booked a weeks holiday for the first week of August! I'll be away from Friday 30th July until Monday 9th August, so during that time, only emergency support for services I provide will be available, and all other requests will be handled upon my...
  2. Matt

    Announcement Vacations 2018

    I've got my vacations planned for this year: March 25th to March 31st. July 5th to July 9th September 15th to September 30th Same drill as every year, I'll have my laptop and access with me, however, no additional work will be taken on, only EMERGENCY issues affecting Shared Hosting and VPS...
  3. Matt

    Announcement Upcoming Holiday (5th May to 16th May)

    All, I'm going away to Cornwall on Friday 6th May, so I'll not be taking on any additional work requests from the 4th May onwards. Same drill as before, I'll have basic internet access, and I'll only fix issues with the shared hosting or VPS servers (not your websites) which I'm providing...
  4. Matt

    Announcement Upcoming Holiday (21st to 24th March 2016)

    I know it's only been a month since I was away, but we are going away again next week starting Monday morning, and will be back Thursday night (21st to 24th March). Same drill as before, no new work, but I'll fix anything had occurs with the shared hosting servers (so hopefully nothing).
  5. Matt

    Announcement Upcoming Holiday

    I've got 4 night away with the family coming up. I will be away from Monday 22nd to Friday 25th February. I will have my laptop and 4G dongle incase something major happens with my own servers, but during this time, I won't be taking on any additional work. Additionally, unless something...