1. Matt

    Update Shared Hosting DNS Update

    After the issues last night with Cloudflare, I've been working on a new DNS setup for the shared hosting platform. The current setup is a cluster of 4 VPS servers joined to the shared hosting server, located in 4 different DC's with 4 different VPS providers. This can be slow for DNS...
  2. Matt

    Google DNS

    I've moved the DNS for mattwservices.co.uk over to Google's Cloud DNS platform. I've used DNSMadeEasy and Amazon Route53 previously, and wanted to try something else to see how it performs. I've just switched the DNS servers with the domain registrar, so it should be pushed out across the web...
  3. Matt

    Nameserver Details

    For people using my shared hosting, you can use ns1.mattwservices.uk (London, England, UK) ns2.mattwservices.uk (London, England, UK) ns3.mattwservices.uk (Los Angeles, USA) ns4.mattwservices.uk (New York, USA)