Shared Hosting Terms and Conditions

  1. Every package is allocated a specific bandwidth limit. The limit runs from the first of the month, to the last day of the month, and resets at the beginning of the next month. This includes incoming and outgoing bandwidth usage. You agree that in using our Shared Hosting, you will abide by this limit.
  2. Should any of your accounts exceed this limit, we will begin a process of contacting you to investigate methods for reducing your usage, or, where this is not possible, for upgrading to a more suitable package.
  3. You agree that, should you fail to implement recommended changes that would reduce your usage, or should you refuse to upgrade to a package that suits your bandwidth usage, then the bandwidth usage for your domain may be throttled by us. We will give you prior warning via email that this will happen.
  4. Every account has a specific disk space limit. These limits are not hard limits, so it is possible to exceed them. If you exceed your account limit we will contact you to discuss reducing your usage, or, where this is not possible, upgrading your account to a more suitable package.
  5. You agree that, should you fail to implement recommended changes that would reduce your usage, or should you refuse to upgrade to a package that suits your disk space usage, that we will take steps to reduce your usage. We will only delete data that will not affect the performance of your site, such as backups, log files, cached content, and emails. Should these steps fail to reduce your usage you agree that we have the right to suspend your account until steps can be taken to reduce usage or upgrade the account.
  6. We monitor our servers very closely to ensure that all users on the server are not affecting the service for other clients. Therefore you agree that should we determine that your service is affecting the service of others, that we may suspend, migrate, firewall or otherwise stop any part of or the entirety of your account. You further agree that this may be for an indefinite period of time while the issue is investigated and that you will act upon our recommendations. Failure to act upon our recommendations will result in account termination. Such usage includes but is not limited to causing high CPU loads, excessive use of Litespeed or MySQL, deployment of banned scripts, flooding the mail server with excessive numbers of emails, causing the mail server to be blacklisted or uploading infected content.
  7. Remote MySQL and SSH access are not permitted on Shared Hosting, and you agree that you will not make any attempts to access the Shared Hosting service in this manner.
  8. Backups are provided as part of the Shared Hosting service, however, you agree that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have a current backup of your service at all times. Further deails about the backups process can be found below
  9. You agree that if you require us to restore a backup of all or part of your service, that we may charge a fee for this service.
  10. We operate a policy of blocking IPs access if they fail to authenticate after 5 attempts via FTP / SMTP / cPanel Authentication. We are able to remove this block with ease, however you in turn agree that you must contact us to have this block removed, and that responsibility for being blocked and any repercussions this may have is yours alone.
  11. is UK based, and operates on the GMT timezone. We aim to respond to questions and support requests within 4 hours during normal UK working hours, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Out of hours responses are best endeavour. If there is an issue with the server itself, this will be worked on as soon as possible, regardless of the date or time
  12. Non-Payment of a due invoice will result in the site/sites being suspended after 7 days. Failure to pay the invoice after 30 days will result in the account being automatically terminated. Upon termination, all data is removed from the server. Should you require a copy of your site following termination, this can be retreived from the backup system, but a fee of £25 will be incurred for this.


At MattWServices, we are serious about data safety and its backups. Backups are performed every 12 hours, and are stored on alternating, dedicated offsite backup servers.
We use JetBackup to automatically create backups of your entire web hosting every 12 hours and store it on a remote server for up 30 days. You can restore your complete data or even a single file with the click of a mouse right from your cPanel.
Incremental Backups refers to a method used within JetBackup that is used to create backups of modified files and folders since the time of the previous backup genaration. This method is fast, more effective and can provide high performance server backups in any time intervals with little impact on the server or website performance because an incremental backup is smaller in size and thus takes less resources and time to complete and to store on the remote server.
Backups can be accessed through the JetBackup plugin integrated into cPanel hosting control panel dashboard. Backups are displayed in chronological order and you can then open the folder in which you want to restore a file, and have it restored back to your account within minutes (depending on the size of your site and data). In the unlikely event of a hardware failure or other data loss, we can also restore an entire server in a very short amount of time.
You can restore a backup using the JetBackup plugin integrated directly into cPanel. At any point in time, a client can have up to 60 backups available. This means that each cPanel account can have up to 60 Restore Points (2 taken per day over the past 30 days). This is a complementary service and free of charge.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation can be requested at any time via the billing portal. This can be immidiate or at the end of the current billing cycle.
If immidiate cancellation is required, a pro-rata refund for unused time during the month can be requested via the opening of a support ticket.
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    Dec 17, 2014
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