Elasticsearch Installation

Elasticsearch Installation 1.0

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To make use of the Enhanced Search add-on for XenForo, you will need to have Elasticsearch installed on your VPS or dedicated server.
The installation process will include:
  • Installation of official Elasticsearch Repo. Minimum requirement of CentOS 6 / 7 required, or Debian 8 / 9
  • Installation of Elasticsearch
  • Installation of Java
  • Remedial clean up work
Elasticsearch Configuration
  • Cluster Naming
  • Shard Allocation
  • IP Binding
  • Network Isolation (standalone node)
XenForo Enhanced Search Installation
  • Configuration
  • Stemming Analyser setup
  • Re-indexing
  • Valid XenForo Licence
  • Valid Enhanced Search licence associated with XenForo licence
  • ROOT SSH access details to the server (username / password / port). Without this, I can't install Elasticsearch.