CentOS Nginx Build

CentOS Nginx Build 1.0

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Starting with a clean CentOS 7 setup, I will install and configure nginx using Centminmod.
  • Nginx setup
    • Using the latest 1.17.X release
  • PHP setup
    • PHP 5.3.29 for vBulletin Support
    • PHP 7.1.X
    • PHP 7.2.X
    • PHP 7.3.X
  • MariaDB installation
  • Tune my.cnf based on server specification
  • Memcache / Memcached Installation
  • Redis Cache installed
  • ZendOpcache Installation configuration
  • phpMyAdmin / MemcachedAdmin / opcache.php installation on password protected subdomain (if required)
  • Server Security
    • Setup CSF and harden server (including non-standard port migrations for commonly exploited services)
  • DNS Setup including SPF and DKIM for email sending
This is a one off set up, once the server is installed and configured, you will then be required to ensure you keep it updated. If you would like me to perform these actions, you can purchase my monthly maintenance package for an additional £30 a month, where I will log in once a month, and update PHP/ Nginx / MariaDB and any other server software to ensure you are always on the latest version.